A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A 3 level demo of the upcoming 20 level game.

WASD move and the mouse aims and punches. It's been tested with an Xbox360 controller and worked.

Published Mar 02, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsExplosions, Mechs, punch, Robots


KOMAC.zip 138 MB


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The controls and mechanics felt sloppy in a way that's hard to describe. The art style feels like it's almost there, it could be a bit more cohesive and a good bit more clear with its silhouettes.

A couple notes:
-The game ran a lot smoother after I re-enabled Aero in Windows (it's an OBS setting) after I recorded the video. This isn't exclusive to your game of course, it just affected the experience pretty significantly. 
-I found a bug after recording this. With the single-stick mode thing enabled in the options, it messes up keyboard+mouse control somewhat. It's like movement and the mouse are fighting for control of your orientation. For instance if you do a dash and then immediately press in a different direction it will move the dash into that direction. 

Fun game!


This was fucking dope. I can see this MAKING IT.

I think you could make it so the backgrounds are less eyecatching/saturated or whatever, so you can read the foreground stuff more easily. Sometime's it's not immediately obvious what's interactable or not because everything has the same level of detail.

The music is great. The juice is on hecking point.

I'm not a fan of the cooldowns and shit. It kinda breaks the flow.

Some of the textures on the 3D models are pretty terrible.

I really like the direction where this is headed. Keep it up!


FINALLY a game with music and controller support. 

first off everything about the juice and feel of the game is great, so good work on that.

But god do I hate it when games put a limit on spamming the most basic attack, it breaks the entire flow of the fast pace action when i have to stop punching shit. it works for abilities, not for the simple act of attacking. regardless of what your reasoning is, it just takes away from the fun.

I found it a little too responsive and hard to sometimes actually hit a single target, but that might just be me.

good work friend